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Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School


Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

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2020 Eligibility Packet


This packet must be filled out completely and handed to your coach before you can participate. Please note physicals have been given an extension: ** The state board of education has made a temporary change in the requirement for an annual medical exam. Please review the information in the chart below to determine if you need a complete medical exam prior to participation. All athletes will be required to complete and submit the medical history part of the form prior to participating, even if they are not required to get a new medical exam. Date of Current Physical Requirement for 2020-2021 Prior to 03/01/19 Need valid, up-to-date physical prior to participating On or after 03/01/19 through 05/01/20 Granted temporary extension to participate through the end of the academic year. On or after 05/02/20 Will participate based on current policy of being "valid."

2019-20 Grimsley Athletic Boosters Club Membership Form

GABC Membership Form.pdf

GABC Concession Incentive Program

Concession Incentive 2019-20.docx

General Guidelines Booster Club General Funds and Team Funds


Before requesting funds for your team from GABC, a minimum of 25% of students from the team must be current school year GABC members.

Team Fundraising FAQ

GABC Team Fundraising FAQ3.0.pdf

Team Fundraising FAQ

GABC Team Fundraising Form

GABC Fundraising Form.pdf

Teams should complete their fundraising request forms and submit to the GABC board prior to beginning the fundraising campaign. Submit forms to the main office.

GABC Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2019

GABC Newsletter.pdf

Your Money at Work

GABC Your Money at Work.pdf

Your Money at Work!!

2019-2020 Booster Bash Information

GABC Booster Bash Information1.pdf

GABC Booster Bash Explanation

GABC Booster Bash Explanation1.pdf

Get your Tickets to the 2020 Booster Bash!!

Grimsley Booster Bash Donation Form

Donation Receipt.docx

Form to be used by donating party for tax donation purposes.

2020 Futures of Golf Fundraising Tournament

2020 Futures of Golf Fundraising Tournament.pdf

2019-20 GHS Coach Roster

GABC Coach Roster.pdf

GHS Coaches


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