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Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School


Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

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Our proud principal - Mr. Ged O'Donnell 

Welcome Mr. O'Donnell! 

Grimsley gets an APP Thanks Beth & Rahm 

Lewis Newman, Beth Loseke, Rahm Sethuraman with Banerasoft Inc., Kim Fuquay-Black and Ged O’Donnell. Rahm is our Whirlies App developer.  

Grimsley Golf 

Go Whirlies! 











Thanks Greensboro Orthopedics! 

Grimsley Athletic Department would like to take this opportunities to thank Greensboro Orthopedics for their dedicated support of the Whirlies. A special thank you to Dr. Supple, Dr. Green, Jessica, Richard, Debra and the staff at Greensboro Orthopedics. 

Jamison Stadium July 2018 





A BIG thanks to our BOOSTER Club for a successful year Athletic Department 







🌪🏀Grimsley Girls and Guys will play Page at home Monday 2/18. Girls game will start at 6pm. Winners of these game……

4:30 PM - 16 Feb 19

But wait; there's more! We've improved our classic #Unblemish Regimen to specifically target adult acne and the vis……

1:36 AM - 14 Feb 19

Live from the Page vs Grimsley girls game that is in OT! Great job pep band! #DreamBIG @PiratesPage @PagePiratesATH

3:26 AM - 13 Feb 19

Whirlies up by 10 with :08 to go

3:25 AM - 13 Feb 19

Hello and good afternoon, I hope everyone is having a great day and exam week. I just wanted to remind everyone to make sure you have a copy or your physical ready to hand me prior to workouts. You ma...

Gary Watts (Miami, FL) finished with a team-high six tackles while William ... performances are the second longest in school history. His streak of six consecutive 100-yard games is the second longest in the country behind Northern Illinois' Garrett ...

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