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Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School


Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Why Support Boosters?

Why Support the Grimsley Athletics Booster Club?

The Need:

* Approx. annual expenses of GHS athletic department: ~ $ 180,000+

* Annual funding provided by Guilford County Schools: ~$ 17,500

* Funding gap: (~$162,500+)

Grimsley’s athletic department makes up this deficiency primarily with ticket sale revenues, concession sales, and Booster Club support.

Typical Expenses:

Examples of recurring expenses facing GHS’s athletic department (before any $$ is available for uniform/equipment purchases):

* $23,000- annual transportation costs for teams to/from games

* $35,000-$40,000- annual field maintenance expenses (not incl. mower expense)

* $20,000- security at games

* Other costs: Game referees, coaches, field paint, balls, equipment, uniforms, scoreboards, replacing sound systems in gym and stadium, building upkeep/repairs, helmets, safety equipment, scoreboard maintenance and replacement, mower/tractor expenses, new weightlifting equipment

Again, the athletic department needs Booster Club support to cover these costs

The Booster Club’s biggest funding sources:

* The Booster Bash (see reverse) – this event has raised ~$95,000 in 3 years

* GHS-PHS Rivalry Reunion Golf Tournament – ~$45,000 in last 3 years

* Concession stand sales: >$80,000 in last 3 years

* Sponsorships and memberships: >$40,000 in last 3 years