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Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School


Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Whirlies Athletics

Grimsley High School

Why Support Boosters?

Why Support the Grimsley Athletic Boosters Club?

See this link for a brief youtube about GABC

GCS provides $17,500 to each Guilford County School for Athletic Programs.   Annual cost for operation of athletics for Grimsley High Athletics averages $170,000.00.  

Where do the remainder of the funds come from?  Ticket sales from the fall football season and concessions make up a large amount of this deficit.  The remainder falls on the responsibility of the Grimsley Athletics Booster Club.  

The following are some of the operation costs that are included in the aforementioned $170,000.00:

$23,000- transportation costs for each semester for bussing athletes too/from games

$31-40,000- Campus field maintenance and up-keep

$3-4,000- field paint

$12,000- ticket takers

$20,000- Security 

Big Ticket items that the Athletic Director/GABC has on it's list

Many teams have individual fundraisers for their sport-specific needs.  It is the directive of the GABC to funnel all fundraising into one large collaborated effort to support the needs of every team and every sport.  

The following list provided from A.D. in August 2015 of the large ticket items that are needed:

  • Completed renovated field house for all teams to use.
  • ·More practice area for boys soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, field hockey and others.
  • ·        Updated scoreboards for baseball and softball  Completed in 2018
  • ·        Bathrooms near tennis and track
  • ·        Press box for softball
  • ·        New dedicated interest for baseball.
  • ·        Updated score table for basketball   Purchased By GABC 2/2018
  • ·        New space for wrestling and weight room.
  • ·        New field house near softball for female only sports

Why support the GABC Booster Bash?

The Booster Bash is an annual event originating in Spring 2019.  This is the single largest fundraising event for our Athletic Boosters with the exception of the Grimsley/Page Golf Tournament which has been historically held in the fall on the day of the Grimsley/Page Football game.  

The Booster Bash has been a Reverse Raffle for the past three years.  The Booster Bash committee is considering doing something different this year so stay tuned!

Items purchased from the 2016 Booster Bash Reverse Raffle include:

Weight Training Equipment- 

Football outfitting(upgrading)

(* this list is incomplete and will be verified)

Items purchased from 2017 Booster Bash Reverse Raffle include

Scoreboard for baseball field

Goals for the Soccer Team

Items purchased from the 2018 Booster Bash Reverse Raffle

Electronic scorers table for the main gym

New sound system for the main gym

Scoreboard for the softball field

How can parents help?

Join Athletic Boosters Board-

*****UNDER FORMS AND LINKS~~~~See "Your Money at Work"
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